The concept of AZUMAYA is

“Stay in Matsumoto like a local”

“Stay in Matsumoto like a local”

GUESTHOUSE AZUMAYA is located by the Ohashi bridge across the Metoba river which is fed by local springs.

This is also a crossroad where locals and travelers meet.

This area is located in the heart of Matsumoto, just minutes away from the popular sightseeing areas such as Nakamachi and Nawate streets.

Walk back in time as you slide open the handcrafted doors with “Azumaya” engraved on the glass panes. 

Our small guesthouse has an open space which is named “TONERICO HIROMA” on the 1st floor, one private room called “ICHII NO MA” and two dormitory-style rooms on the 2nd floor.

AZUMAYA was established in August 2014 by the members of the “KOUGEI NO GOGATSU” & “CRAFTS FAIR MATSUMOTO” groups.

Now, the many different kinds of people who express themselves through art are gathering here beyond the confines of the crafts.

Enjoy Matsumoto’s Scenery

From the Ohashi bridge, you can see the silhouette of the Northern Alps, from Mt.Jonen to Mt.Kurosawa, against the rose-colored sky at dusk, as the breeze flows down from the Utsukushigahara plateau. From here, you can easily explore the small side streets of this historic castle town.  

Live like a Local


Buy some fresh vegetables at small produce stall and some giblets at an old butcher, and get some fresh water from a local spring. After enjoying a bath at a “Sento” (Japanese style public bath house) or “Onsen” (hot spring), make “Sukiyaki” and have a high ball for dinner.

We also recommend the local ”Sake”, pickled “Wasabi”, and “Basashi” (raw horse meat).

In the early morning, you can get fresh baked bread and specialty jam nearby. There are some nice places for breakfast as well.

Enjoy the Local Springs

One of the reasons Matsumoto was chosen for a city is because of the abundance of natural spring water. There are lots of wells and springs loved by the locals.

Why don’t you visit some of these springs and make some special coffee with natural spring water!

Enjoy the Local Arts

Matsumoto is an artisan city. ”Nakamachi” street has lots of crafts stores and galleries. Crafts events and exhibitions are held everywhere throughout the year. Enjoy lunch with  unique tableware and furniture crafted by local artisans. 

If you are interested, we can tell you about how to use the free rental bicycles. 

Grab our original map and go for a stroll around Matsumoto!